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Bitcoin Grows Year After Year

Bitcoin “Beat The Street” for the last three years, and was up over 1400% in 2017!


YOU SHOULD KNOW EVANDER Smart. Evander Knows Bitcoin.

Evander Smart been in the Bitcoin community for more than half of Bitcoin’s life! Evander is a Digital Currency Council-Certified Bitcoin Professional since 2015 and is also a Certified Blockchain Expert by The Blockchain Council.

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Living His Passion

Teaching the world about “The Future of Money” is all Evander does, that and building websites to assist in the matter.

Bitcoin University Home Page

Bitcoin University

For the last three years, Evander has not only been training, but he has been teaching the masses how to enter “The Future of Money” with his top-ranked Bitcoin University website since 2015.

DCC Certification Badge

DCC-Certified Expert

Here is the DCC Official Badge, proof that Evander knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the world of digital currency. He has passed exams since 2015 to become a DCC-Certified Bitcoin Professional since 2015.

Black Blockchain Summit Featuring Evander Smart

Noted Public Speaker

Evander Smart has been called upon to speak at major events, like the Black Blockchain Summit, later this Summer.

This is Your Last Chance…..

It is the Summer of 2018, and this will be simply the last time you can enter the Bitcoin market for less than $10,000 per Bitcoin. Bitcoin is entering a “Bull market” that will dominate the financial markets for the rest of the year. Are you going to miss out?  If so, thanks for stopping by.

Over 3000 people became MILLIONAIRES in 2017 just from investing in Bitcoin alone! Make 2018 your year to make your dreams come true.

Bitcoin rose 1403% last year.  What would you do with returns like that?  Think about it…..what do you want?  A new car, a new house, a trip around the world? People are doing it with Bitcoin.

If you refuse to miss out on the biggest investment since Amazon, click the button below, and answer a few questions. Let’s see if you are a good fit for Bitcoin and the consultation of an expert of the caliber of Evander Smart, Founder and CEO of Bitcoin University, a Certified Blockchain Expert with the Blockchain Council, and a Digital Currency Council-Certified Bitcoin professional/Expert since 2015.


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