Why should I use Evander Smart as a Bitcoin Consultant?

Evander Smart has been in the Bitcoin community since 2013 and a Digital Currency Council-Certified Professional since May of 2015. He is a Blockchain Expert, as certified by the Blockchain Council, and he is Founder and CEO of Bitcoin University, the world's leading Bitcoin education platform, rated #1 by Google, Bing and Yahoo. On top that, he has written almost 1000 articles about Bitcoin, while being paid in Bitcoin for this work, for some of the world's top Bitcoin websites, including Bitcoin.com, Crypt Coins News and Coin Telegraph.  He has lived on Bitcoin, not holding a "9-to-5" job since 2014.

His combination of personal training, education and real-world experience make him one of the world's foremost Bitcoin experts. "Bitcoin Millionaires" have been made following his proven market advice. (Your results may vary. Evander is not agreeing to be your financial advisor.)

How Do I Get started and how does it work?

Here's how it works: You fill out the Official Questionnaire Form on the Contact Us page. Then click the Submit Button.

He does not guarantee you any rate of return. Evander will answer all of your Bitcoins questions and you will have a working plan to go forward to reach your financial goals. With Evander's help, you now have a way to reach your goals much faster and easier than ever before. What is that worth to you?

Are there people Evander doesn't work with?

The most valuable commodity in the world is time. It is even more valuable than Bitcoin! Evander has limited time and a wealth of Bitcoin knowledge, so his live consulting services are not for everyone, and many consider them expensive.

If you are not a high net worth individual, or you have less than $100k allocated to investments of a high-risk, high-yield nature, this level of expertise, and costs, may not be for you. Evander has limited slots available in order to give his clients his full attention, and his time is limited.

Evander is the best in his field, and he works with clients who want to take that next step in their investment portfolio.  They're smart enough to know now is the time, but they just don't know how to get there. Evander fills in these gaps.

You don't have to know Bitcoin, but if you know Evander, and work with him, that will be enough to take you to the next level. Time waits for no man. The time is now to invest in "The Future of Money" and its foremost expert, Evander Smart.